When the world was still run by men anything inexpiable, female, or defiant had to be re-imagined masculine. That way it would be understood – that way it could be accepted. The best example was the story behind thunder and rain. For years fathers had told their children that it was God in a bowling league with the angels. Since God never missed a strike, the angels would cry. Thus explaining the thunder and the rain.

Once the times had changed and the world was properly returned to women the myths were corrected. The truths were shouted, exposing the lies for the dirty things they had been. The thunder struck as the heels on God clapped on the heavy clouds. Her army of angels running in suit reverberated the sound throughout the skies. The thunder was God’s defense of Heaven and Earth. Her fight to protect her children, unborn, living, dead, and resurrected against the attacks of the devil. Her fallen son and brother. The attack of evil on all that was light.

Using the water harnessed from the clouds higher ranking angels and God herself would impale their attackers with weapons of water. The water spent and reeling down toward the clouds, would slip through the holes pierced by the heels of God and the spiked shoes of her angels running, retreating, and fighting back.

Like God and her army of angels, the women on Earth, armed with underestimation and determination to protect its land, its people, and their creations, fought for a life worth living. When it rains the women leaders of the land throw on their spiked shoes and run through the rain paying homage to God and reminding men to whom the Earth and the time belongs.

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