The Background:

In my sixth grade Language Arts class we were assigned a creative story about “myths.” At least, that’s what I can tell from the rubric (it just says “Myths”). While the particulars of this story I wrote over twenty years ago were blurry, the meat & potatoes of it always stuck with me. Last week my mom handed me a plastic bag, the kind comforters or sheets come in, filled with my old stuff… including my sixth grade Language Arts folder. There, two assignments in, was “Why Do People Cry?” Below is the original version (well, I fixed the tense of one word and added a comma). The 2021 version “Tears of the Cursed” is coming April 21st!

The story:

A long time ago, all over the world, feelings could let be shown at all, except in word form. There was no crying, smiling, or frowning. At that time there was a beautiful girl. She was gorgeous inside and out but she was alone in the world. She has no one. Elisabeta was her name. She had long curly brown hair, fair skin, and a pure heart. She had so many horrible things happen to her that her beauty had hidden.

One day Elisabeta ran to the sea to pray to Poseidon, the god of the sea.

“Oh Poseidon, my life has been cursed. It’s been full of death, hidden beauty that no one can see, and treacherous, empty loneliness. I have no one to love me. I’ve been hurt so many times. Please take me as your daughter. Not just to be immortal, but to be part of a family. I desperately want to have someone to talk to. I need to show my feelings in my ways than words. Please, Poseidon, please!” She screamed in vain and pain.

Just then a voice answered, “Elisabeta, I will accept you as a goddess, and my daughter, but first you must complete a task. Find a way to make some form of liquid come from your eyes.” The voice of Poseidon bellowed in a loud, booming voice. “It will make you feel better and let you express your feelings as you’ve always wanted to.”

Elisabeta, in fear of being alone and sorrowful forever, say at the edge of the sea for a very long time. She wished hard for liquid to come out of her glassy eyes. All at once, tears started to come down her ice cold, pale cheeks. She was crying. The more she cried the better she felt. Her tears formed huge, watery puddles around her feet. Poseidon amazingly arose from it. He joyfully explained to Elisabeta that she had completed her mission. She could join him in the sea whenever she was ready.

To this day people still cry when they need comforting and remembrance.

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