Her ass had more flavor than a Big Mac. Not that she knew Edwin had been in there. His girl, Letica, found the idea repulsive in description only. Her moans indicated otherwise. As she lay there after, sprawled out on her bed breathless and wide-eyed, Edwin would ask her if she thought she would like it, already knowing more about her than she knew about herself. “Nasty,” she would say, her voice no more than a whisper. Her face bunching up with disgust. “Come on, variety is the spice of life, though right?” 

Letica would reach over, her palm still damp with sweat, would smoosh against his cheek, sliding into his mouth. Her fake nails brushing against his eyelashes. “You’ll be getting as much variety as a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser dozen.” 

“But the form said Special Variety Dozen. Then listed four donuts. That would be three of each kind if Krispy Kreme knew the definition of variety,” Edwin explained. 

“Welcome to your new definition. One box of cream filled for the rest of this,” she said swirling her finger in the air. “No Dunkin’, no Vodoo, no grocery store brand,” Letica said rolling over onto her side. Edwin slid his back up the bed and propped himself up on his elbow. Looking into Letica’s bright hazel eyes, the flecks of glittering gold held him captive. 

“Can I at least have a glass of milk with my donuts?” Edwin smiled. “Not skim or 2% either. Real milk, whole milk.” 

Letica’s iris slid back into her eye, exposing the whites. “For a grown ass man, you sound like a five year old boy.” 

Edwin laughed. He watched as Letica leaned forward. Her long brown hair slid down over her shoulder. Wisps of blonde shone in the lighting. He licked his lips, parting them waiting for her arrival. He could smell the nuttiness of her hair stuff, the SPF from her face cream, and the touch of perspiration. He breathed her in, as he kissed him.

“Tastes like sugar,” he whispered.

Letica pulled back. Her smile, closed and crooked. Her hand traveled down the length of his chest.

“Splenda-ahhh,” Edwin’s words were lost to the moment.

Letica snuggled up against Edwin’s side. Her head, just resting on his armpit. They had both started nodding off when Edwin’s phone beeped. Ignore it, he thought to himself. Three more times his phone went off. Letica sighed as she rolled onto her other side, off Edwin’s armpit freeing him up to retrieve his cell phone from the dresser. The screen lit up as Edwin lifted it. The last text was all he needed to see.

“Sorry babe,” Edwin said. Leaving the phone on the dresser he began picking his clothes up off the floor. “I gotta run,” he added.

Letica sighed again. Sitting up in the bed she watched as Edwin tugged his navy blue shirt over his head. His abs, contracting as he tried to nonchalantly rush. She ran her tongue over her teeth. The cluck of her tongue was her only response.

Edwin sat on the bed, pulling his pants up to his thighs. Letica’s silence wrapped itself around him. Twisting his body, Edwin extended his right arm, gently resting his hand on her shin. He leaned forward, almost into a push up position. His muscles hardened and flexed. “Tic, I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad.”

Letica rolled her eyes. She wasn’t mad at him. But wasn’t happy with the situation either. She shook her head lightly, her hair catching the last bit of sunlight seeping through the window.

“It’s fine,” she said quietly. “I get it. Text me later,” she asked more than she said.

“Of course,” Edwin said. He pushed up, stretching forward, and gave Letica a kiss on her cheek. Quickly pulling back, Edwin stood fastening his pants. He jammed his feet into his sneakers. “Thanks again for the sweet’n low,” he said, winking as he blew her a kiss.

Edwin had disappeared from the doorway, the front door closed before she could answer. At least this time they had equal time to enjoy each other, she thought as she got out of bed.

Grabbing Edwin’s undershirt off the cream color accent chair, Letica pulled it over her head and made her way to the kitchen. Filling the percolator with the espresso, Letica thought about Edwin. She knew as the rookie in undercover, he would have the most to prove.

She wondered if the others had made him yet. Letica poured some milk into a sauce pan. Twisting the top closed, she looked at the half gallon of milk. The label read: 2%. Next time she would get the other kind, either 1% or skim. See if Edwin made any mention of the difference. For now she would earmark the fact that her lover was snooping around in her fridge.

Letica watched as the milk began to simmer. Shutting the heat off she waited for her coffee to be ready. With care, she poured her rich, dark liquid into her “Boss Lady” mug. Filling it almost to the brim with the hot milk. She stirred it and walked into the living room.

She sat bear-butt on the bench built under her bay window. She stayed out of Marco’s business. They had been friends since they were five. His family had adopted her when she was orphaned at 15. She followed her own path, and the Hernandez family supported her. They were her family. Whatever Edwin hoped to find by getting close to her didn’t exist.

The sound of chimes rang out through her living room. Letica sat up on her knees looking around the open space. Her rose gold phone stood out against the white marble coffee table. Stepping down off the bench, Letica placed her phone on the table and picked up her phone.

“Hello, Miss Letica Hernandez?”

“Yes, this is me,” Letica answered.

“I’m calling to confirm the reservation that was made for you,” the voice on other end stuttered out.

“For tonight or tomorrow,” Letica said, picking her coffee back up and returning to her seat on the bench.

“Tomorrow Miss Letica,” the travel coordinator said. “Your driver will be picking you up at 3:30 AM to take you to the airport.”

“Thank you,” she said, before disconnecting the phone.

Oh Marco, she thought sipping her coffee, wonder where we will be meeting this time

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