Out from the basement,
A secret none can see.
A toy, a pet, a human doll,
Tired of feeling this way.

It ticks, it clicks.
It crawls,
Out across the living room floor.

It snaps, it bends.
It entwines around the spine.
An electric current surges,
Flesh searing as it stings.

The dark stains of evil,
tendrils winding through the pink.
Thoughts of murder find the light,
Death is on the brain.

She stands there,
Hoovering just so.
The blood it drips,
Off the knife, onto the hardwood floor.

The sirens blare
From down the road.
It’s been a number of days.
She, living in her tree,
Watching him decompose.

Already missing,
none will ever find
the little girl so free of care,
now grown murderess on her own.

It’s done. It’s over.
The freedom bell can ring.
Climbing down, running off –
The victim finally free.

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