The skin peeled away like the vein of a tough cut of meat. A strong hold was needed to actually move the skin back and down. Blood speckled across the flesh. Pooling, it began to rise up, fill the crevasse, and spread out. Chunks of skin just tossed to the side. Carmella was focused on the sound of the skin separating. Those who participated in the sins of the flesh shouldn’t have any skin. A great reference would have been Carmella’s boyfriend, Michael. Once he got out of the hospital, assuming he ever did.

A blood soaked towel had been shoved in Alison’s mouth to silence her screams. They were ruining Carmella’s enjoyment. It was already bad enough in order for Carmella to feel accomplished she had to touch her, Alison didn’t have to scream. 

Most of the arm had been peeled back. Carmella was trying to pace herself. She didn’t want to burn through the project like the way she powered through various podcasts. This was meant to be enjoyable for her. 

But the shoulder – Carmella was so close to having the shoulder completed, but where did the shoulder stop?! Carmella grew nervous at the thought of making a decision. Not wanting to over-peel Alison, Carmella began picking at her own fingers; the skin that had regrown over her open wounds. She could hear the sound before she felt the pain. She knew it was going to hurt. And it did. Carmella liked it. It calmed her. In the calm of pain she had an idea. 
All of her questions could be answered with some elbow grease, or blood in this case. Carmella opened her encyclopedia app on her phone. According to her research, the shoulder reached until the clavicle. To the bra strap she would peel – oh goodie!

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