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Alice’s Christmas Surprise

That was one thing she always made sure to do for and with herself during the Winter. Then one foggy day, Alice met a man. She had been getting ready for a holiday drive around when she found $8 crumpled up in her car. She decided to take that money and up her ante for treating herself. She was in line and the nearest coffee shop ready to order something large, warm, overpriced, and delicious when she walked directly into the man ahead of her. They laughed, she apologized, they chatted, and before she knew it it was 9:30 at night. Alice still hadn’t gone on her holiday drive, but she had enjoyed herself. Max was kind, charming, and bought her a hot coco with extra toppings to make up for taking up so much of her holiday cheer time. Included in the extra toppings was his phone number. Alice blushed and grinned simultaneously. Maybe holiday movies were real, after all? She thought as she chuckled and disregarded this thought to herself.