The searing hot push relented as suddenly as it had started. The pain did not. She could feel his release covering her scorched skin. It burned, but she liked it.

It had taken a while to get him to this point.

It took William a while to get anywhere, even with her persistence. But she did it, just like she knew she could. She had choked on her gin and tonic when she found out he had introduced another girl to sex toys. Underneath his shyness, she had known there was potential. She just didn’t think it would continue to evolve without her.

But, she had chosen Jeffrey, and brushed William off to the side once more. It wasn’t that she didn’t care about William, just that she occasionally met men she deemed to be more of the “serious commitment types” – the ones she would be proud to announce as her fiancé. When one of them strolled into her life, she would haphazardly toss William aside leaving enough of a not-completely severed tie to rope him back in if the more “serious” opportunity didn’t pan out. She knew one day it would though – she was tall, thin, petite tits, an average ass, and perfect blonde bob. She looked like she fell from the pages of Good Life, Good Wife Magazine. Especially since she had her teeth fixed.

The cold water shocked her back into the moment. Sheri would have loved to see William let her wounds fester and breed infection, just once, but like every other time, he would clean her and tend to the sores she insisted he create. He was hopelessly in love with everything she wasn’t, but that she allowed him to believe that she was.

After he had finished dressing her wounds, William went to throw his pants on to go outside and smoke. It was the one thing she couldn’t break him of, but it was also part of their compromise. He would try anything sexual she wanted done to or for her, and afterwards he would be able to smoke. Her final stipulation to the matter was that he shower after. He always listened.

When things had hit a point with Jeffrey that seemed as though they were headed for a fall engagement and a spring wedding, Sheri had overly begin to neglect William. It was then he met a girl. Not quite ten years her senior, William had found what should have been the perfect girl for him. But Jeffrey hadn’t asked her to marry him yet and Winter was almost over. So, Sheri had made a point to be more inclusive toward William. At first he resisted, love in a shorter, curvier, more strikingly gorgeous package who listened to him, cared about him, and treated him with respect was a treat for him.

But a Marilyn Monroe meets 21st century American body with long beachy, dirty blonde hair, and big tits can only reach the same fate as the over sexualized actress. A well bred man will always chose a picture perfect wife over unadulterated, unbridled, fun, genuine love with a free spirit. And if he’s president, he’ll have secret service sew that problem up before that heartbroken bitch leaks the love affair to the press. But Sheri had yet to bag a future president, or even senator, so instead of having the loving beauty put down, she just put her out of the picture. At least for now, once Sheri met the man she’d been strategizing her whole life for, she would cut William free for the last time – completely severing the tie – leaving him to return to her, if there was anything left of either of them.

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