He knew he shouldn’t be doing this… the woman he loved was lying in a coma. He told her he’d wait for her should this ever happen. After a head injury several months in to their relationship, he swore he wait it out. Now… now, I’m getting hit on by some blonde bombshell old enough to end up on some tacky weekday show where shirts that say, “who’s your daddy” sell like tea in China.

               Granted, there’s nothing wrong with flirting, Elke taught him that by never realizing the difference between kindness and kindly trying to get in your pants. In her defense, the last lesson her mother left her with was that in the end, only kindness matters.  Hey, I’m being kind right now. I’m indulging this woman whose husband only invests money, never his dick, into her tits. I would insert my dick in them, among several other choice places.

               Regardless, nothing is going to happen. She’s here with the rich bastard, and I’m losing my chips to some middle aged Asian man who keeps a fake cigarette carved out of wood hanging from his bottom lip. Even when I’m down, AC is still my favorite place. It’s a little different without my lucky lady, not that she’s usually next to me when we’re here. She’s usually upstairs in the room reading, watching TV, and getting all dolled up for a night of kinky, wild sex that she’ll be too tired to follow through with by the time I get upstairs. Leave it to me to have found a freak and a gal who likes to be in bed by 11:30 on a Friday night. I’d confidently throw a few pumpkins down that this bombshell would not only plan a night of freaky fetishes, but stay up to exceed expectations.

If this keeps up, I might be getting lucky with a lady tonight instead of my hand. He felt her arm on him before he fully processed what had just transpired. He made eye contact with the dealer who politely said, “You can take your chips now.”  Looking down and seeing the whole patch of pumpkins he just won was nearly enough to make him forget about the bombshell’s hand still resting on his arm.

               “You like my stack?” He said as he gained composer and started sorting his chips.  

               “Why wouldn’t I” she began as she removed her hand from his arm, and moved it to his leg. Her eyes made a slight flicker to his thighs, and her smirk broadened as she continued, “it’s tall, sturdy, and really getting up now.”  It’s not the only thing, he thought to himself.

               “It’s not the only thing”  

               “Well I’m glad it’s not, why don’t we head some place where you can show me other things that are sturdy, and getting up?”

               Wait, was she still talking to him. Fuck, He must’ve said that out loud. He looked at his chips again, with at least eight stacks of just pumpkins he really should be walking away now anyway. “Sure, let’s go,” he heard himself say as he pocketed his winnings. 

Her room was exactly how he had been picturing it during the walk to the elevator. They’d been walking under the hand-crafted blown glass when he thought, this is what her house must be like… Long, empty hallways punctuated with ridiculously expensive pieces of art. The thinking stopped once they got into the elevator. As his luck would have it, it was just the two of them. He had been bringing Elke to the casino ever since they started dating, he always called her his lucky lady. He never realized how much luckier he got when she was comatose. 

“Most men would’ve pounced already, Tiger,” the blonde bombshell observed as she inched a little closer to him. Most men don’t have loved ones in comas, he thought. 

“Most men wouldn’t be able to satisfy you like I could either,” he smugly retorted. 

When she laughed at his sarcasm it came out as a purr, making his penis more erect than his chips had been earlier. 

He stopped for a minute, watching as the bombshell dropped to her knees.

“Just a little teaser,” she said reaching for his belt.

As he entered, the door began to beep.

Long, punctuctated beeping. The nurses ran into the room, unsure of what had caused the sudden drop in their patients heart rate.

By the time the elevator reached his floor, he could see what the old man had seen in the bombshell. She was all in on her part to play. They barged into his room. His pants hitting the floor before the lock clicked.

Raya’s head pressed into her locker as she slid down. Next of kin would have to be notified, but Raya had been her nurse for months. She couldn’t believe how quickly she passed, but maybe the passing – quick and supposedly without pain – was best for her. After all birthday’s were supposed to be lucky days, and today was Elke’s 27th birthday.

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