While you sit there condemning others on the legs that hold your throne of lies,
Hypocrisy surrounds you like servants at a feast.
Your appetite for destruction fears them into quiet…

The people live to serve you here,
How auspicious is your rule?
You yell and snap,
Bend and break
You inconsiderate jerk

You, Inconsiderate Jerk are no more than an empowered person, inflated on your own selfpride and worth.
The ruler of your own land, starving out your country to satiate your needs alone.
Well step aside inpostering ruler, because I am a party of one

You, Inconsiderable Jerk, is it my humanity that mars you?
Or is it the deafening quiet with which I maintain ignorance of your rule?

I seek not to destroy you, you inconsiderate jerk.
But I will stand beside you as an equal in this land.
No increase of volume or shakes of your hand will put me back at your feet.
For I am a human, built with kindness and love, and all my life will project that, of your negativity there will be none.

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