Hilda had been actively chattering away to herself while she was making her coffee. She was so engrossed with her own conversation she didn’t notice a shadow loom across her arm.

“Sorry to interrupt,” a voice said, “but I was wondering if you could please pass me a cup.”

Hilda looked over her should to her right. A white coat stood draped open to reveal a button up chambray shirt, tucked into khaki pants being held neatly in place by a worn-in, but somewhat dressy belt. She moved her glance upwards to one of the most nice looking men she had ever seen in her life.

“Oh yes,” Hilda said as she reached over to get the attractive doctor a cup for his coffee.

“Thank you,” the doctor said with a smile.

“I don’t usually talk to myself, I just have a lot on my mind,” Hilda said puttering with the hot coffee sleeve.

The doctor released the faucet on the coffee urn, and placed his hand on Hilda’s arm. “That’s okay,” the doctor said, “you just focus on getting your coffee and enjoying it.” He smiled as he took his hand slowly back. Every hair on Hilda’s arm rose, along with every goose-bump down her spine. The doctor continued to study Hilda as they moved down the coffee fixing line together.

“Well, actually, I do talk to myself a lot,” Hilda said as she began to blush, “but I don’t usually answer myself.”

“That’s the important part,” the doctor added, “at least not out loud.”

Hilda laughed. It felt good to laugh, especially here.

“Thank you for that,” Hilda said as she smiled at her coffee. Being a doctor he had to be tuned in to how people were feeling, or at the very least cognizant of the things visitors, like patients, could go through when at the hospital. After all, it was far more common for people to be at a hospital for something bad than something pleasant. Hilda finished sealing the lid on her coffee and waiting in line.

“Hello Matilda! How are you today?” The younger woman smiled as she made eye contact with Hilda, “very well thank you. How about you guys?”

“We’re doing alright. Thank you for the senior discount,” Hilda said leaning in to whisper.

“You’re quite welcome, Hilda. See you tomorrow?”

“I’ll be back around noon,” Hilda said handing Matilda her exact change, “God bless!”

Hilda took a few steps away from the register. She made sure her wallet was snapped shut before putting it back into her purse, and zipping that fully closed. Straightening herself out she turned back around toward the doctor who was looking at Hilda with a smile a dentist would frame. “God bless you as well!”

“You too, Hilda,” he said with a wink.

Hilda turned around before her face was fully reddened. Where do they make em like that, Hilda thought in her head. Carefully opening the door out of the cafeteria Hilda said allowed to herself, “oh brother.”

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