She was finding it hard to sleep. The excitement was coating through her, and the blue light from her phone wasn’t helping either. It was worst than when she was a child and this supposed Santa was coming to bring her gifts overnight. This was something else all together. This was the start of her life after.

Evie had originally been sad her grand gesture had been to make his other girlfriends go away, not to have him die. Now that he was dead she could expand upon her plan. She wouldn’t have much time. Murder didn’t seem like something Evie could possibly get away with, but she could make the best out of a bad situation. Her two biggest planning concerns were shipping vs. hand delivery, and who got what of his remains.

Before she could figure out what she may or may not be mailing, Evie would have to have the parts ready. Before she could do that she needed to know what parts she needed. She had a suspicion that Katelyn was the closest to holding his heart, after Evie of course. Running her fingers through his phone – the texts, the emails, the messages, the shady social media posts – all of them confirmed what Evie had believed to be true. The heart would go to Katelyn. Billy had mostly just texted Christina and Molly, each of them would receive a hand. Evie had been sure that Billy had been holiday hooking up with Sarah, for the lies he told and the things he did, she would get his tongue. A new twist on Sarah’s raw and bloody pseudo-feminist beliefs. Evie thought about Mary and the remaining parts she could harvest from Billy. Mary had been Billy’s best friend from childhood, and had been secretly in love with him for almost as long. He never acted on it – whether or not he actually noticed or just dismissed it was unknown to Evie. But she felt bad for how Billy had treated her – in the spirit of the season Evie would send Mary the one thing of Billy’s she always wanted but never got, his disappointing cock. It wasn’t that it was disappointing from a physical standpoint, but most certainly from a loyalty one. Evie thought about switching Katelyn and Mary’s stocking stuffers, but in some ways Mary had Billy’s heart, it just wasn’t the way she wanted it.

Evie decided that hand delivering these wasn’t going to fly. Instead she took out the freezer bags she had accumulated over the past few years of edible deliveries and packed each one in a gift box, along with a body part. Each were wrapped in festive paper, and would be brought to the post office the next morning.

Evie made sure to wear gloves when wrapping up each of the items. Whenever possible, she used Billy’s hands to touch, move, or do something that could possibly imply him doing it himself. Who knows, he could have removed everything himself before bleeding out. Regardless of whether or not it was possible, Evie’s antics would give her enough time to attempt to flee the country. Otherwise, she would be caught, thrown in prison, and sentenced to life or death. Either way, Evie was so excited about what she had done, and what she had left to do that she couldn’t sleep. She just kept seeing Billy’s face contort as she hacked off his penis and testicles. The pain froze him while her rage empowered her. She didn’t realize that she had been capable of such violence, but she was hurt. If her engagement ring hadn’t been so nice she would have jammed it up his asshole to make a point. Then again, she had found the engagement ring and only hoped it had been intended for her. Since no one knew she had it, there was no point in throwing it away. Besides, a ring up the ass definitely pointed toward the girlfriend as the main suspect. As it stood, any of them could have been guilty. All of them except Evie. Returning downstairs to the living room where Billy’s body lay, Evie hacked off his head. It would no longer look like he had done it to himself, but when the package arrived at Evie’s house in three to five business days, it would certainly clear some suspicion off of her.

Returning to her room she noticed the lights on in the pet room. Russell the retic was moving in his tank. The last piece of the puzzle had come together for Evie. It was truly quite simple – pack up the car, let Russell out, leave the house, mail the packages, and head for parts unknown. Billy had been dumb enough to keep large cash deposits throughout his house, like so many of his friends his age did, it was easy to find enough money for the packages and any travel arrangements she wanted. She didn’t even have to feel badly about leaving the pets behind since they would all be fed, or eaten. Evie liked Billy’s snakes, but she wasn’t in love with any of them. Not anymore at least. Looking at the snakes before returning to bed made Evie think she should have seen the true snake Billy was, but looking in the past was behind her. This was the start of her life – and her life after was going to be good regardless of whether or not she got away with it. Billy always told her that happiness wasn’t something that just happened, she had to decide to be happy, and finally she had. Unfortunately for Billy, her happiness and his weren’t necessarily in line with each other. Evie laughed lightly to herself as she snuggled herself up in the middle of the bed. She would be up and at em in a few hours, just as the sun was rising. Her car would be down the mile driveway, the packages already left for pick up at the end by the mailbox, and well onto the lonely highway – Evie’s favorite way to enjoy the sunrise.

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