They had made an ugly baby. Maybe there was solace in that. A comforting sort of karma for getting pregnant before marriage. After all, ugly babies could grow into kind and wonderful people or they could grow to be the best looking guy or gal around. They could do both. There were endless possibilities between reaching adulthood and evolving from infancy that it wasn’t really spiteful to be glad that they baby they produced was ugly. Especially since who knew how it would turn out?

The problem was there was no way of anyone knowing that the ugly baby evolved into a cute child into a pretty child, to a stunning adolescence who would ruin so much more than just her life. Eventually, if she made it through her adolescence, she would become an unbelievably gorgeous woman.

Nick had watched his sister Carmella stand, walk, speak, run, read, write, and figure out how to use everything in the bathroom earlier and more efficiently than he had. While his father was smart, his mother was brilliant. Whether or not they had been striving to be the ever perfect family, the Coopers were really succeeding. They had a father, Timothy; a mother, Emma Lynn; and two children – a boy, Nick; and a girl, Carmella. The only thing Nick had accomplished before Carmella was coming out of the womb. Supposedly, Nick had done something to his sister in utero. Carmella doubted he would ever do anything to hurt her. She wasn’t left deformed or damaged in anyway, though she was diagnosed with the a septate uterus during her first gynecological visit. Nothing that Nick supposedly or actually did would cause permanent harm, but enough that it delayed her getting out before him. It was the only leg up he ever had against his sister.

Nick looked at his baby sister as she ran out of the house toward the car. At a whopping 5 feet 5 inches she was nearly a full foot shorter than he. Her body had filled out and from certain angles Nick saw a hot upperclassmen instead of his sister. While Carmella took after her mother, she had something that her mother did not – she had a twin. She probably could have skipped a grade or two, but Carmella’s focus was always divided between her own school work and Nick’s. Nick cared, but after a lifetime of coming in first place, Carmella had developed a habit of turning around for Nick. They were already poised to be their valedictorian and salutatorian with only a fraction of a point separating them, but that didn’t matter to Carmella. Nick was behind her and it was her job to make sure he was caught up. Other than the fact that it thoroughly annoyed Nick, it also exposed Carmella to something her mother hadn’t experienced – at least based on the stories told. For all the efforts Carmella put into keeping Nick on top of his studies and living up to his potential, Nick put into keeping every male in her school out of Carmella’s pants.

For the most part it was the upperclassmen and any athlete in their school. Every once in a while there was a substitute teacher that caught Carmella’s eye. Most of them were too jaded from peaking in high school and dazed by her beauty to actually attempt to cross a line. It would be a shame to ruin their high school stats to not bag a high school girl now, just in case she was playing a heartless game. How unfortunate it would have been for them to realize that Carmella’s advances were all in earnest. Nick drank the sugary milk left in his cereal bowl and walked over to the sink. Standing at the window looking outside his sister was in the front seat of the car already reaching over the center console to get something from the back. He presumed she was making sure all the clutter was cleared off for when he finally had made his way out there. Nick, still looking as Carmella waved her ass in the air, watched as she further arched her back and turned to looked over her shoulder. Their eyes locked as she winked and flipped her long hair over her head. Nick dropped his bowl in the basin, and adjusted himself before grabbing his backpack and heading out the door.

Walking into their fifth period English class Nick hadn’t seen Carmella since homeroom. They had messaged each other a few times throughout the day. Thatcher was throwing a party Friday night, they had both been invited through various means. Thatcher had invited Carmella while his on-again, off-again girlfriend invited Nick. They laughed at how painfully unsubtle they both were. Nick reminded Carmella she shouldn’t sport with Thatcher, or anyone else on the football team. Carmella told him she had her eyes on a far bigger catch, and that she would explain during fifth period. Well fifth period was here now, and Carmella wasn’t. It wasn’t in her nature to be late for anything, let alone a class. Looking once more around the room Nick noticed their teacher Mrs. Alexander wasn’t there either. Kathy leaned over her desk toward Nick, apparently she didn’t know where Carmella was either, but she did want to know if they were going to Thatcher’s party this weekend. Nick rolled his eyes. Kathy was the closest thing Carmella had to a best friend outside of her brother. As Carmella put it, high school would come and go – as would college and grad school – and having friends was nice, but the only person she knew would be her forever friend was Nick. The one person who knew all of her from the hair on her head and the thoughts they covered in her mind to her dirtiest secret, which was also something he had been a part of himself. Instantly, when Nick saw Carmella walk in with a man slightly older than she looked, he whipped out his phone and texted her “no.” Followed quickly by “what the fuck happened to your shirt Mella?” The man who Nick presumed to be their substitute for the day took Carmella’s phone and said she could pick it up after class. Her boyfriend, or whoever Nick was would have to wait. The class roared with laughter.

Mr. Hunter would be their substitute for the day. Someone had died in Mrs. Alexander’s family. No personal details were given, but Nick had a feeling it was her great-aunt. The one who had inspired Mrs. Alexander to go into teaching and pursuing her dreams of publishing a novel. He found out quickly that Carmella didn’t have a boyfriend, but did have a twin brother. Nick glared at Mr. Hunter who returned it with a wink. Nick shot a look at his sister as she passed by his seat and sat directly behind Kathy. Nick couldn’t remember what Mr. Hunter had said to them the entire period – he would have to find out from his sister later if there was any assignments due – but he could recall every time he looked at Carmella. Every time he called on her or walked by her desk looking at her shirt. As Nick, and probably the rest of the class, noticed when his sister walked in was that there was coffee running down the front of her white tank tap, turning the once white fabric a tanned color. It also pronounced the outline of her very full and very black bra. Her light pink sweater with the exaggerated bow and pearl white buttons was no longer on her. Since spaghetti straps were not allowed in school Carmella had draped a plaid shirt over her shoulders. Nick had a feeling he knew where she had gotten the shirt. The rest of the class had already emptied out into the hallway. Since Mrs. Alexander had a free period after their fifth period class there would be no new students coming in. Nick stood up and hovered over his seat watching as his sister approached Mr. Hunter. Nick was thankful he was the only one in the room watching.

Carmella stopped and turned to face her brother. She asked if he could tell Mrs. Piccata that should would be a few minutes late for gym. She had a few questions about the assignment for Mr. Hunter, and of course, had to get her phone back. Nick felt the fury rise up in his ears. She knew he couldn’t say no when she asked like that – with her head tilted down, as if almost ashamed to be asking, and then drawing her chin ever so slightly up, half smiling, looking over his whole face and then directly into his eyes. Carmella knew he couldn’t resist it, but also respected it and saved it for only matters of the utmost importance. Nick wanted to grab his sister up by her throat, and using his entire body, pin her against a wall. This wasn’t important, this was Carmella attracted to another man in a situation that at best could only end poorly. Mr. Hunter asked if Nick was alright, Carmella turned her attention back to Mr. Hunter waving her hand. Nick turned around to get his backpack from the back of his chair, adjusted himself, and then stormed out of the room grunting as he passed.

Ryan watched as the door closed. He knew he shouldn’t be alone in a room with a female student let alone one where the door was closed, but he couldn’t move away. His eyes ran over her body taking in every inch of her. This girl was dangerous, but after all hadn’t he once been the same way? He thought of his high school teacher he fucked in her office and how hot it had been. For a second he thought of the tutor in the library parking lot, but brushed it away as his eyes took in Carmella’s breasts. His teacher had liked white tank tops as well. She had waited until he was 18 and no longer her student, but the year of build up leading to that day had been filled with white tank tops. Carmella had asked him about what he did, when he wasn’t substituting. He had run an auto body shop, but had recently sold and had bought a house here, he told as she moved closer. Picking up his hand she commented on their texture, explained by the work he did. Ryan watched in awe at her every move. Each of them sensual and deliberate yet innocent and genuine. He couldn’t resist from entering in his cell number into her phone, to teach her about cars. Carmella’s eyes were on his hands, watching them as he entered every digit. She looked at his wrists, her eyes traveling up his arm encased in a fitted longsleeve, covered by a sports jacket, up to his shoulder, over his neck, landing back once more on his face until she was looking directly into his eyes. Ryan felt himself throb against his jeans. Thankfully he had been sitting. This girl was very dangerous. She thanked him, resting her hands on top of his wrist and on his shoulder, for both his time and his shirt. She laughed as she explained she wasn’t usually so clumsy, but since she had gym now she could just wear her gym shirt for the rest of the day. Ryan felt the hair on his arm raise as she slid her phone out of his hand and draped his shirt over his shoulder. At 29 years old, Ryan had never experienced anything quite like Carmella. He didn’t exhale until the door closed behind her.

Nick told Mrs. Piccata that Carmella was asking their sub a few a questions about the assignment. She wanted to make sure he had understood it correctly before he assigned it to them, Nick further explained. Mrs. Piccata rolled her eyes and shook her head laughing – Carmella was just like their mother when they had been in school. A few moments later Nick saw Carmella round the corner and head down the hallway toward the gymnasium. She waved as he headed into the locker room and pointed to her phone.

Carmella had only been out of his office a few seconds when she had first texted him, “Don’t worry. I won’t share your contact information. Just wanted to say thank you again for your help earlier. It would have been so embarrassing to be sitting in class in just my tank top – especially with the air conditioner permanently broken in that room. It’s always so cold” Ryan laughed in spite of himself. They had only spoken briefly, but he could hear her voice tightening up at the mention of cold weather. He had met Carmella in the main office. She had been picking up some forms as Ryan had been given his new schedule by principal’s assistant. The principal had been trying to explain where Mrs. Alexander’s classroom was, but it was tricky for people new to the school. Carmella overhearing the conversation had volunteered to take him there. They talked about a few things, one of them being the weather, and a few moments before the arrived at the classroom Carmella tripped over the incline of the floor and crashed into Ryan sending his coffee down the front of her sweater. It was still very hot, and in a flurry Carmella had peeled her wet sweater off her body waving frantically for the remaining liquid to cool. Ryan had noticed then Carmella’s pointed reaction to the cold, and pulled his plaid shirt from his messenger bag for her to cover up with. He thought of her taking her phone back and returning his shirt all at once. She waited for her brother to have left the room, Ryan appreciated her discretion. Looking at his desk he looked at his phone, this was a Senior English Literature course, and one of her favorites. The forms she had been picking up had been thrust in his hand as she lurched forward- they were for second level college courses offered during the summer. He had little doubt that she wasn’t a senior on her way out. Realistically that would only make him 10 or 11 years older than her, but it would also make her legal or at least close enough that no one would call foul for them casually talking. He wrote back to her, “it was the least I could do for my tour guide. Make sure you complete all the warm ups in gym. Maybe it will help.” Completely innocuous. He hadn’t told her to work up a sweat or anything crass, just a play on the word warm up. A moment later his phone went off again, “I love warm ups. Anything to get my blood pumping is usually good for me. The hotter the better.” Instantly Ryan replied, “If I remember correctly from my brief stint here as a student, the locker rooms are always pretty hot.” Quickly adding as a potential buffer, “At least they were in my day…”

“Are you saying that about the women’s room too?”

“Fair point. Haven’t even seen it”
“Would you like to?”

“I guess that depends on who is giving me the tour…”

“Your tour guide, of course. I will say it’s definitely getting hotter in here now.”
“Is it?”
“I’d say so… would you like to get a peek inside? I’ve never given a sneak preview before”

“You’re in charge of this tour, I’m at your ready…”

Ryan saw the image loading on his screen and locked his screen before it could finish. Grabbing his keys he headed out to his car.

Nick took his phone from his pocket and checked it as he walked to his locker. “Thank you – sorry. Will explain during warmups. I’m going to send you something in a minute or two. Can you give it a 0 to 10 rating? Please & thank you :)” her text read. Nick rolled his eyes and began changing. His phone went off again. This time it was a picture message. Nick locked his screen, grabbed his gyms shorts and went into the closest stall. He studied the picture Carmella had sent – completely naked, bent over. Cropped to not reveal the hair or below the thighs. Legs slightly spread, back completely arched. Shoulder blades that jutted out focusing the line of vision down the spine. Nick knew this body better than his own. He replied, “13” to Carmella, recorded his full reaction to the photo from start to finish and saved it until after he spoke to Carmella. “Really?! That’s so exciting! Kathy took it just now. We’ll talk later. Hope you finished fast, they’re taking attendance in a minute… xo”. Nick wiped the cum from his hands on a piece of toilet paper and jammed his legs into his shorts. He threw his phone into his locker and closed it spinning the lock around twice. With a light jog, he sat down next to his sister just in time.

Ryan had parked his car with five minutes left to get back into the classroom. Thankfully Mrs. Alexander had a free period after that last class, and while she sometimes volunteered to do hall duty if she didn’t have papers to grade, Ryan was not as giving. He was barely qualified to be a substitute, and if it hadn’t been for a few pulled strings and his natural intelligence, he wouldn’t have gotten this job so quickly. He had gotten it, for better or worse Ryan thought as he questioned needing to break out for a cool off after his first day of substituting. He had barely had time to make it to get coffee and back. It hadn’t helped that he was incredible riled up to begin with. He smoked two cigarettes there, one cigarette while on the drive up line, and two cigarettes back to the school parking lot. He refused to look at his phone until after he was alone in his house.

Carmella looked at her phone and shrugged as Mrs. Piccata split the class up into groups of four – two groups of the girls and two for the guys. Physical fitness testing started today meaning there was no way for Carmella to actually talk to Nick. It was probably better that she wait until later anyway. Nick’s group was doing the push up station first and the last thing he needed was to hear Carmella’s idea and hit the floor breaking his already perfectly rugged nose. Carmella’s group was running the mile. This was easy for her. She loved running. As long as she ran the mile under eight minutes she would still get an A. Even from a young age Carmella had always known she was smarter than most people, even some of the adults she knew. She knew her mother was incredibly gifted. But she also saw where her mother had failed herself. She might have graduated early from everything, moving up through the ranks of her classes and through various degrees, but she also met their father at a very young age. While the two were clearly in love, she studied her mother as she listened to Carmella and Nick talk about their friends from school or when Carmella and the other girls from the cheer team talked about dating. Emma Lynn was a little less than 20 years older than her children. She had already been married to their father for almost a year before she and Nick were born. Carmella didn’t want that – she already planned out her life, but in the interim she wanted to have some fun – to learn different ways of doing things. She was considered infertile due to her separate uterus giving her endless options after learning birthing her own children was out of the question. She knew that Nick would understand. Because he always understood her. It wasn’t just that they were twins or even siblings, it wasn’t even that they were both intelligent. They were each other’s only true escape. They both had a darker side than either of their parents would be able to comprehend, no matter how gifted or educated they were. Something her mother did understand quite well and had taught Carmella at a young age was the sciences – especially the scientific method and testing her theories. Not that Carmella didn’t enjoy the maths and the arts as well. She believed in the scientific method the way others believed in religions from centuries ago. Whether he agreed with her or not, he did trust her. And he would help her to test her newest theory. He just didn’t know it yet.

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