I probably could have done a lot more, she thought to herself as she continued to do nothing.

Do more with your life or with your night, she questioned herself.

That is a great question, she replied as she scratched behind her right earlobe with the edge of her nail.

I thought we were happy, another thought threw out of left field. In life, I thought we were happy in life.

In life, yes. We’re happy in life. But we still probably could have done more.

I think we were originally discussing what more we could have done tonight.

Well, what could we have done?

  • Dishes (three mugs, two forks, one knife, and one egg maker)
  • Laundry (put away the large pile of clean clothes and the pile still in the dryer)
  • Exercised (I say could not would or eventually have to do)
  • Organized (gone through the pile of papers next to the fish tank, on the couch, on the desk, or next to the other fish tank)

Better yet, what did we do?

  • Slept
  • Actually, had cookies and milk and then slept
  • Technically, we had a mini wrap, made the cookies from the frozen cookie dough we made last week, then had the cookies with the milk and then slept.

Maybe we should do something from the list now?


I think we meant the list of things we hadn’t done yet.

Oh. Rested?

We slept.

Restless sleep isn’t resting. It’s being restless while less conscious than usual.

Lights out everyone. We’re getting annoying.

You have to be conscious to be annoying or annoyed. Just saying.

Getting annoying? Add annoyed ourselves to the list.

The to-do list or the accomplished list?

Sigh, grunt, snort, deep breath

We’ve annoyed ourselves, that we’ve accomplished. Now we are going to get rest

A restful night sleep!

Yes, a restful night sleep.  



Good night!

Hey Reader!

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