His loud sounds needed to be silenced. There was only so much she could take. Aurora realized this was partially her fault. She was the one who had put him, and herself, in the situation. But she couldn’t take it anymore. Every time he howled, the sound pierced her body. It had become almost constant. Before she could sing or hum or talk just a little louder to drown him out. But now, it was just too damn much.

Aurora waited until all of the patients had left. She made sure the doctor was on another floor. She cased the joint one more time, just to be absolutely certain that no one would bear witness to what she was about to do. She approached him.

He was being quiet, and still. There was no shaking, no twitching from side to side. No shouting song pulsating through the air. Aurora carefully reached over him, and ripped his plug from the wall. Very quickly she removed the backup batteries from base to ensure that the rest of her shifts would be quiet. She was almost out of the room when she realized that all someone had to do was return the plugs to the wall before and everything would return as it was. Violently loud and uncontrollable.

Aurora went back to the front desk, and grabbed a pair of scissors from her desk. Walking back as quickly and quietly as she could she began to wear away the wire – making anyone plugging it back in preventable. Afterward Aurora returned to her desk with a look of serenity on her face, and finished inputting the patients and notes from the day in a calm, complete silence.

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